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    Great move Mr. President! I’ve never seen a President in my lifetime who has had more honor and glory for the military! Even our veterans say this. Go visit veterans hospitals and veterans nursing homes and now there’s day cares for veterans. They tell you thank goodness for President Trump! They get care like they should! They want for nothing.

    Everything is supplied for them at no cost! They take their vitals through the apps right to the veterans hospitals! Nurses, aids, cleaning people come right to the house for them. It’s amazing. Never have seen this before. God bless our veterans and God bless President Trump for taking care of this for them.

    Im a 21 year Army retiree & “Camp Mackall“ Veteran. I have to state the obvious. Most people responding to this post have no appreciation or comprehension of what is takes to be a Delta Operator. Thank you SGM for the leadership and heroism.

    No matter what good he does it never seen for what it is by the left they can’t see the good things he has done because they are blinded with hate and it started day one.

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    Cale J. Maynard

    Sad and disheartening that people have to further divide us by making political rants about this. SGM Payne is a hero- set your petty differences aside for once. Honor him and recognize the quiet professionals that do God’s work on behalf of our nation.

    Honestly its so true that never judge a book by its cover, I had always talked bad about the spiritual healers because I lived a very good life with a nice business and had a nice family with my husband and our two kids. I always thought that they were scammers and crooks and I never believed that anyone can solve someone’s problems . I could rudely reply to the posts about the healers with insults little did I know that one day they will help me. It started when a strange disease attacked one of my kids for several months. The eldest child could get an attack and he faints with lots of saliva from his mouth and mucus fluids from his nose.























    I visited most of the big hospitals in South Africa but the doctors couldn’t see the disease. I went to pastors, certain healers, prophets and priests but couldn’t see any change. I sold all of my properties and lost my businesses since I didn’t have time for them as wanted to save my son’s life. We lost everything. My husband started losing interest in me, disrespected me, insulted me in front of our kids, all my in-laws hate me. He always said that I had a curse of bad luck that I brought to the family.

    I was left with no hope. The worst point of it is when my husband started cheating on me with a rich well-known business woman which I won’t mention her name. I got depressed and wanted to kill myself. One of my closest friend noticed my situation and I explained to her what was going on in my life. She just gave me a phone number and told me that just a single call will be a solution to all my problems. My friend called Mama Glorious and made an appointment to go to her office and on that date, my friend picked me very early in the morning and took me there. I explained everything to her. She asked us to go back and bring the sick kid and we did so.

    She cast her spells and after a few hours, my son was healed and never had the attacks again up to date. After three days my husband came back home and apologized to me. She gave me a ring for my business and as I speak now am not complaining. I got back everything. Call or whatsapp her on +27815689990. Email; mamanabantu@gmail.com

    If you love the top 1% paying no taxes (trillions of dollars), if you love fires raging in cities and forests, if you love disease and death totalling 64 times that of 9/11while an inept, lying leader watches them die, if you love peaceful protesters being attacked like in Communist China and a President who lies to you on average of 1 time every 56 seconds, a President who sides with Putin over America, calls fallen heroes "losers and suckers and can’t honor them because it’ll mess up his hair –

    Trump’s your guy!

    After he left Trump called him a sucker as he was gazing in the mirror and then told himself he is the bestest President evah!!!"

    Will anything make you ppl realize Trump doesn’t care about you?? Hes lying to you. Hes forcing others to lie to you! How the hell can you want to vote for him? Vote for some other Republican if you want but you really want this POS running your country??

    The communications aides’ efforts to change the language in the CDC’s reports have been constant across the summer and continued as recently as Friday afternoon.